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High Works Quality, Diversified Forms----one of report series of the 7th Enterprises Opening Week of School of Art & Design and 2018 Students Graduation Exhibition and Performance

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News Web (Text by Liao Meinuan from Art Design Department; Photo by Yang Shihai, and Ma Yun from Art Design Department) On December 15, 2017, following with the opening of the 7th Enterprises Opening Week of the School of Art & Design and 2018 Students Graduation Exhibition and Performance, graduation exhibition and performance of this School begin officially. Exhibition and performance contents of this Graduation Design is divided into two parts, excellent graduation exhibition in design category; graduation joint performance of students whose major is music, and the works are from 325 graduates in 7 majors, there are Costume Design, Architectural Decoration Engineering Technology, Artistic Design of Decoration, Advertising Design and Making, Television Animation, Computer Art Design and Music Performance.

On the morning of the 15th, the Small Square and the Small Auditorium in Zone B, Shewan Campus are crowded and the flags in the sky like that they are welcome for viewers. The excellent works exhibition in design category of the 2018 graduates of this School is opened here. This exhibition includes Costume Design Static Exhibition, Carpenter Works Exhibition, Decoration Effect Picture Exhibition, Interior Design Model Exhibition, works of Product Packaging Design Series Exhibition, Pottery Exhibition, Excellent Animation Exhibition, Touristic Artwork Exhibition and so on. The works are rich in various forms and have attracted the attention of quite a few viewers. It has not only been highly recognized by the enterprises in relevant industries, but has also attracted the attention of “Liuzhou Daily”. Because students’ works are deeply loved by viewers, they have already received orders for some works and have produced certain economic benefits.

When the college leaders visited the exhibition, they also gave high marks to the exhibition and praised students for their design work.


Zhu Weicai, the Secretary of Party Committee, came to the exhibition hall and communicated cordially with teachers and students



President Shi Lingming came to the exhibition hall and communicated cordially with teachers and students



Zhang Xiang, the Deputy Department Researcher, came to the exhibition hall and communicated cordially with the instructor




Ju Hongxia, the Vice President of College, came to the exhibition hall and dressed in costume designed by students



Ran Fusong, the Chief Designer of College, came to exhibition hall and communicated cordially with teachers and students


Group photo of school leaders and costume industry guests 









Some exhibition works

On the evening of the 15th, 2018 Music Performance Students Graduation Evening Party named “Youth, unnamed” was held on the 4th floor of Gymnasium in Shewan Campus. Zhu Weicai, the Secretary of Party Committee, leaders of various functional departments and all leading members of the School of Art & Design attended this Party. All the teachers and students of the college and over 1,000 music lovers watched the performance. Through the singing, dancing, musical instruments and other colorful shows, the students report their professional learning and perception in these three years to present leaders and teachers. Nearly an hour and a half, the students showed their talent on stage, and their wonderful concert won the warm applause of the audience.



Zhu Weicai, the Secretary of Party Committee, attended this Party






Some shows



Group photo of teachers and students