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【LVTC’s Student】 One-armed Male Engineering Student Learning to Live with Disability—Recording of Huang Caigao, A Student from Class 1 of Automotive Application in 2016, School of Automotive Engineering of Our College

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News Web (Text by Shi Yudan from CPC Publicity Department; Photo by the interviewee) Huang Caigao, majoring in Automotive Application and Maintenance Technology, is a sophomore student at the School of Automotive Engineering of our College. On December 5, 2017, Liuzhou YIHAO APP issued an interview of him about striving constantly for self-improvement; on December 10, 9:00pm in the evening, the Guangxi TV Station broadcasted his special report “an one-armed student pursues dream in college…creates a wonderful life of his own” on the Journalism Online; in the afternoon of December 13, 2017, a news reporter from Liuzhou TV Station came to interview him again…what kind of quality does this student own so as to win the media’s attention? Let us know about this person in the news who stirs up a heat wave in the press together with the reporter’s camera lens. Let us learn how he faces the hardship of life and how he smiles at life by striving constantly for self-improvement.

 “Cannot Drive A Car, Then Repair!”

Huang Caigao, born in 1998, is an ordinary, but an uncommon person.

When speaking of the ordinary part, he was born in Nasi Town of Qinzhou. Like all the other students, he came to Liuzhou Vocational & Technical College with the desire for knowledge. He hopes to be graduated with professional skills, and complete himself and feed himself during the serving of society; when speaking of the uncommon part, he only has a left arm. However, he fulfills all the daily things that a healthy person needs to fulfill under the condition of disability. To some extent, he may ever do better than healthy person.

In a car accident in 2015, his right arm was badly hurt. He was forced to have right arm amputated. At that time, he thought it was just a dream. When he woke up, all the pain from his body would be disappeared. He never thought for the brutal truth when he woke up: his right arm would never get back. A living person became an incomplete disabled people. He was only 17 years old. His youth had just began, but he encountered this suffering. How shall he walk the rest of life? Depressing, confusing, complaining, crying, heart broken, dejection, complaint. Can all of these solve the problems?

Life still needs to be going on. Huang Caigao did not want this decadent life! Only by cheering up can he do what he has thought and achieve the dream in college. This is the stronger attitude that he wants.

With only one arm, he can never enjoy the pleasure of handing on the wheel and driving for thousands of miles one day. “However, I can repair!” His family members persuade him to choose the major which he will work with brain more than hand in future. However, Huang Caigao insists on studying the automotive major he has chosen in technical secondary school. 

Live with Disability, and Fulfill A Normal Person’s Daily Life

Life is the best teacher which will teach you everything.

Admitted into Liuzhou Vocational & Technical College, Huang Caigao is very satisfied. It is not just that the College is the national demonstration higher vocational schools. In addition, he can grow up to be an undergraduate and learn more professional and essential knowledge and skills. In order to live a better life, he begins to accept the harsh reality and began to change life tirelessly by exercising his left hand and making it as flexible as the right hand.

Someone says that the reason why the fountain is beautiful is because there is pressure; the reason why the waterfall is spectacular is because there is no retreat. There seems to be no retreat for Huang Caigao. However, he adjusts and exercises both body and mind for a period of time. A month later, he slowly adjusts himself to the harsh reality with no right arm, and slowly learns to live with disability. Many people say that he is 17 years old and just a kid. It is the overjoyed result for a kid to adjust himself to such optimistic situation.

Huang Caigao now can use his left hand to study and live, and even engage in repairing the vehicles. According to Huang Pengchao, a teacher from Automotive Electronics and Electric System Maintenance, Huang Caigao works closely together with the team in class. As the Commissary in charge of studies, he almost fulfills various kinds of works alone.

On December 13, Huang Caigao fulfilled the daily routine such as using his mouth and hand to squeeze the toothpaste, using only one hand to make the bed, put on and take off clothes and exercise the dumbbell in his dormitory.

In the new beautiful, grant and modernized training room of Liuzhou Vocational & Technical College, Huang Caigao is removing and installing the tire. In the past, he even could not lift one tire, but now he can use his left hand to remove and install the tire expertly with his left hand. Huang Caigao tells the reporter that he needs 8 minutes to remove at first. However, the reporter sees that he only needs 4 minutes to remove the tire and only uses 3 minutes to install the tire. For a disable person, it is a relatively fast speed.

At first, his classmates do not believe that he can fulfill a complete practical operation. When they know about him, they find that Huang Caigao is stronger than many other students. Without diligence and practice on normal days, it is hard to image that a one-armed man is stronger than a normal person.

With the care and assistance of leaders, teachers and students, Huang Caigao also gains the happy of his own. He has won the 2016-2017 annual excellent league leader of Liuzhou Vocational & Technical College; 2016-2017 annual excellent student for virtue in Liuzhou City, National Grants for Encouragement and grants for entrance studies from secondary vocational school to higher vocational school.

Perseverance + Insistence: A Good Start for Life

On that day, the reporter met this optimistic and cheerful Huang Caigao with a pair of jeans and an orange leisure coat, which seems very casual. This 19-year-old boy is very self-disciplined, said the Monitor Long Yuji. He is never late for class. He could take care of himself both on study and in life. One day, at 6 a.m. in the morning, when Long Yuji went to the track to do exercise, he found that Huang Caigao had already finished the exercise and was going to go back. Long Yuji said that he always got up early for exercise. He has insisted on this habit of getting up early to do exercise for a long time. Without indomitable perseverance, it is hard for a person to get up from warm and comfortable bed and go to the track for exercise.

Huang Caigao left deep impression on the Monitor with his responsible working ability and honest quality. As the Commissary in charge of studies, the teachers would assign some studying tasks and finish them with his cooperation. Huang Caigao fulfilled all these tasks earnestly without complaint. Thus, Long Yuji said “I never treat him as a disable person”. Only the self-improvement person who does not rely on others can leave this rough impression. Of course, the lovely classmates also gave him assistance when necessary.

Practice push-ups with one hand. Wash clothes with feet. Remove and install the tire with one hand. Write words with left hand. …What an inspirational life. Those students who do not study hard shall feel shame.

“For the future, I do not have many plans so far. Learn the professional knowledge well and gain the certificates. I hope I will grow up to be a senior automotive technician.”

Wish this one-armed engineering male Huang Caigao who strives constantly for self-improvement and learns to live with disability can let the miserable past go away and own wonderful years with dreams coming true.


Use left hand to write a life for striving constantly for self-improvement



Practice push-ups with one hand


As long as you run, you will gather strength


Only Use left hand to fulfill the removing of tire which needs the cooperation of both hands



Compared with normal person, his speed of installing the tire is not slow


The words written by Huang Caigao’s left hand, which show a sense of stubbornness